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I’ve been writing freelance since the 1980s, well before the computer arrived on every desk. I became an early adopter in 1985 when I set aside my IBM Selectric (preceded by an Underwood manual) for one of the first Mac portables. I’ve been through a fair bit of hardware since then, and I continue to learn how to use new software programs, content management systems and learning platforms. Almost always in collaboration with graphic designers, printers, photographers, AV professionals, media managers and technical analysts, I have come to understand one must remain open to learning to keep pace with the complexities of this work.


A new website for a royal announcement

In the Fall of 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to Bella Bella, BC, as guests of the Heiltsuk Nation. With the Province they announced their agreement to protect the Great Bear Rainforest under the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a global forest conservation network, and to establish an education trust.

This event unfolded about one week after our team completed the website to support their historic announcement. As a contracted content writer retained by the Ministry of Forests and the BC Government’s communications and digital services unit, my teammates and I worked intensely and sworn to secrecy as the Royal Visit had yet to be announced. This was a fast-track project with many moving parts and many supportive senior-level stakeholders.

“When we protect our rivers, oceans, atmospheres, or like today, our forests, we are telling our children that their future prosperity cannot be disconnected from the health of the natural world.”

– Prince William, September 27, 2016, Bella Bella, BC.

The BC Government’s Great Bear Rainforest website has since been refreshed. An all-new educational website has been launched, too. Anyone can visit the Great Bear Rainforest Education and Awareness Trust to get a sense of this place with free access to learning resources and teaching tools.. Photos: Kevin Light, Reuters.