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I’ve been writing freelance since the 1980s, well before the computer arrived on every desk. I became an early adopter in 1985 when I set aside my IBM Selectric for one of the first Mac portables. I’ve been through a fair bit of hardware since then, and I continue to learn software programs, content management systems and learning platforms. I know my primary working tools very well. Almost always in collaboration with graphic designers, printers, photographers, AV professionals and mainstream media managers, I have come to understand digitized production tools very well, too.

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On May 25, 2020, UVic’s School of Nursing held their annual conference online. More than 150 delegates participated with keynotes from nurse leaders at Island Health, First Nation Health and the BC Ministry of Health. On screen is Dean Tricia Marck delivering the opening address. I helped coordinate video and live streaming production supports and subsequent communications. Participants highly rated the event noting the warmth, power and empathy of BC’s nurses as they face an unprecedented pandemic and opioid overdose epidemic. Photo: HSD Communications.