Writing and Editing

The following four work samples were pulled from a great big folder I’d built up during my seven years as a communications officer with the University of Victoria. All are student stories that equally define UVic’s learning and teaching excellence.

When doctors see big data explains how cancer screening using automated visual data enables faster diagnosis and more accurate care. UVic’s School of Health Information Science and the University of Manitoba are funded to provide this learning by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Photo: NSERC.

Cultural re-centering model is a technique studied by Shezell Rae Sam, a graduate student with UVic’s School of Child and Youth Care. She shares insights on her community-based research helping traumatized Indigenous girls and young women, bridging lost traditions with Elders’ teachings. Photo: UVic Photos.

A dream made real through learning describes the epic journey of Ka Wong from Hong Kong to Winnipeg, from Asian childhood to Canadian adulthood, from struggling student to BA graduate in community health with an Indigenous specialization, from policing to law school at York University. Photo: Mrs. Wong.

Power to the people tells the story of Melina Laboucan-Massimo who persuaded Jane Fonda to help fund construction of a solar-powered health centre on her territorial homeland in Alberta. Melina based her PhD thesis on this project with UVic’s Indigenous Governance program. Photo: C. Reynolds, Toronto Star, 2015.

Strategic Communications

I prepared a range of materials to help inform staff, stakeholders, media and the general public about Childcare BC and government’s plan for an all new childcare learning workforce development strategy. Content was also used as scripts for operators at a province-wide call center. Photo: BC Government.

At UVic’s Faculty of Human and Social Development, we developed a communications plan and refreshed it every year with goals on putting students front and centre in our storytelling. Here, a student with our School of Child and Youth Care, (that’s her daughter on the left), says this program improved her life tenfold. Meet Jana Schulz, now an elected official, in More Than an Education. Photo. J. Schulz

Teaching and Instructional Design

Royal Roads University is home to the School of Communication and Culture, I had the privilege of developing my own curriculum for writing and digital portfolio courses I taught with BA students in the Professional Communications program. Photo: Royal Roads University.

I also taught communications skills to Environmental Science undergrads with Royal Roads’ Environment and Sustainability unit. The field trip to nearby Welland Community Orchard was a hit as students learned about a heritage site nested within a residential neighbourhood and conceptually redesigned the tool shed to double as an interpretive centre. Photo: Lifecycle Projects Society.