At Victoria’s downtown air harbour. Photo: D. Ward.

I have served the health, education, government and tech sectors in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Yukon Territory as a professional writer, editor and communicator. I have worked with national entities such as the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Canada Health Infoway and Habitat for Humanity. As for international experience, managing media relations for CTV, host broadcaster of the Calgary Winter Olympics, remains a career highlight.

While my education stems from various sources, my formal studies include business administration with the continuing education unit at the University of Alberta and programs offered by Service Canada as well as completing Banff Centre’s renowned magazine publishing program through the support of Alberta Culture. A lifelong learner, I graduated from VCC’s Provincial Instructor Diploma Program in 2021 and am now completing Alacrity Academy’s digital marketing bootcamp.

On staying current

This is perhaps the greatest challenge for professional communicators today – staying aware and current. I found this kind of learning and support with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and continue to draw from their iconic strategic communications planning model. I also recommend investing in a copy of The Global Standard of the Communication Profession (IABC, 2020). Click here to read the first chapter.

I’m now a member of Editors Canada and am working towards certification.

Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC
I like knowing I can see my house from here but only if I’m in a seaplane. Photo: J. Lehmann, 2016.