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I am a professional communicator, a corporate writer, a sessional instructor and an instructional designer with 20+ years of experience. My background includes a mix of employment, contract assignments, formal education and considerable personal study. What attracts me to this profession is its potential to address problems in creative ways. I have prepared my e-portfolio with this emphasis in mind.


ITFO Communications – 2021 to present

Working with one particular client, I prepared news releases, blog posts, social media content and select key facts and stats to emphasize findings from extensive research that supported their launch of AI for financial investment advisers. Other projects included ghostwriting content for senior executives and their teams leading digital transformation projects in various sectors around the world.

University of Victoria – 2014 to 2022

I took this photo as we started livestreaming the 2020 UVic School of Nursing annual conference with more than 150 registrants signing in from across the country. The event commemorated the 100th birthday of Florence Nightingale, a social reformer who founded modern nursing and nurse education. In her honor, nurse leaders shared their experiences on how the pandemic was impacting work lives across the care spectrum, changing us in ways we could not anticipate. As the pandemic prioritized web-based skills, as one example, we followed our audiences as they moved online in a heartbeat. Credit: Video and streaming services by One Island Media.

HSD Annual Review 2019-2020

We transformed our annual report into a magazine that allowed us to tell more stories and share more images from across our seven schools and various degree programs. Here, nurse and recent graduate Sydney Hofmeyr explained why she made such profound contributions to life on campus during her studies. Having lost her younger brother to an opioid overdose, Hofmeyr worked hard to make sense of her grief by studying death and loss on a brave inquiry-based journey. Read her story here. Photo: UVic Photos.

Government of BC – 2011 to present

BC’s Ministry of Forests hired me to help address the rising impact of Open Access research journals generated by predatory publishers. We created an evaluation tool then ranked more than 30 open journals for reference. Input from UVic Libraries’ sector specialists was invaluable to this project. Photo: BC Government.

Carmanah Technologies – October 2019

Serving traffic design professionals in Canada and the US, Carmanah is the definitive maker of solar-powered traffic calming and control signals, signs and beacons. I was hired to fill in during a busy time, writing stories, web and social media content on advances in crosswalk safety and wrong way driving on freeways. Photo: Carmanah Technologies.